Hi Everybody! Hope your new year has started out great for you!:)

I’ve been working on  finding, gathering and compiling 1000’s of hours of video footage from live shows, rehearsals, studio antics, personal interviews and a ton of film shot during the making of “The Godsend Sesions” CD…all for a DVD I’m putting together that will be out soon…so I thought I’d share some vids along the way…

This first clip is of my song “Hang Around With You” It’s a live shoot taken in NYC at The C Note…I think!:)lol

Please comment here and go to you tube where you can view, check it out in HD, like, rate and share etc…

Alot more is on the way!

Next up is a cool  live version of “Shelter Me”…Stay tuned!

I tried to post/embed the Youtube video here and it would not work and the original file is too large to upload here…so…..

Here’s the link to Youtube:

Youtube HD Version Link:

I’ll be also posting this and other videos up on my other websites and blogs and also on Vimeo and Dailymotion too.. as soon as I can get around to it ..in case you  may use those websites!


Thank you for everything!
Love, Joe