Yes! Another video post!:)

Just sharing along the way…This one is a live gig  I did at The Bitter End, NYC…It was summer and 700 degrees under the lights, I had the death flu and I must have broken 100 strings…well maybe not 100…but a dozen at least!:)lol All things considered…it was a pretty good gig!:)LOL  

Info: Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Joe Gande Live performance video clips at The Bitter End, NYC…from the upcoming DVD…live and in the studio footage, rehearsal antics, personal interviews and more….coming soon!
Featured Musicians:

The Godsend Sessions:

Neal Zum-Bass
Andrew Frawely-Drums
Craig Shrawder-Keys


The Mountain Stab Horns:

Tim Ouimette-Trumpet
Danny Wilensky-Saxophone
Nate Mayland-Trombone

Hope you guys all like it!:)

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Thank you for everything!

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