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Buona Festa di San Giuseppe! (Happy Saint Joseph’s Day!) Buon Onomastico a Me!:) What an awesome way to start off the week! My name day! Just got my first zeppole of the day!;) I love my family! Keep them coming! I can’t wait to eat and then have all the pastries and zeppole!:) When I was a kid and all through my years my family always made it a point to have an awesome feast and if that could not happen or I was away from home…I always received zeppole from them…

Zeppole..or sfinge as some people say are Italian pastries…a type of cream puff…or fried dough…there are many different types, styles and recipes depending on where in Italy you come from…they are all delicious and they are one of the traditions of St Joesph’s Day….

I am Italian..on both sides of my family…and Catholic…and Joseph(Giuseppe) is my name, my father’s name and also my grandfather’s name..we are all Giuseppe’s!:)lol So this little holiday..which is often overlooked here in the US  means a lot to me and always brings back great memories… I miss my Dad and Nonno very much…



About Saint Joseph’s Day – http://www.fisheaters.com/customslent5.html

Here’s a cool page with tons of recipes and info on zeppole for those of you that have asked me about them!!:) Anyone else here on Squidoo.com? Just signed up there…seems awesome so far! Thank you all for the St Joseph Day wishes!!!:) http://www.squidoo.com/Zeppoli

And here’s more info:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeppole 


Thank you all so much for the love, friendship and support!:)



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