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I was over on the almost now abandoned Myspace.com earlier today….

I was updating some things there and came across this wonderful, very cool and interesting super hero, caricature, artwork done by my friend Liquid some time ago…and I thought I would share:)


Ahhh…Myspace….it was once THE social network…though it seems to be a ghost town for some time now…and we’re all on Facebook and the many other cool new social networking websites…it seems to be making a bit of a comeback these days…slowly but surely…I believe maybe because of some of the new features, Facebook integration etc…and probably due to it’s new owner Justin Timberlake….and I have to say, though many pages it seems have been left behind and not updated for a year or more…there are thousands of new people signing up daily….and it is it still is a great place to check out music or get exposure for your music, or other work you may do and to connect/network and reach a worldwide audience online…As a musical artist…I do suggest stopping by once in awhile to see what’s going on there….

What do you all think? Anyone still maintaining and/or utilizing their Myspace page? 



You can visit Liquid’s Myspace profile for more beautiful work….


Check out some of Liquid’s awesome designs and purchase products here….


Liquid on Facebook:



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