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Being enamoured of all things Brit since I was a child….I felt the need to make this post…. I’m not sure why…maybe it is because I grew up watching PBS…maybe it was all of the Sherlock Holmes stories that I read or King Arthur tales and my love of Castles…could be the World War II movies I spent hours watching…or  old Erroll Flynn movies about pirates or “Robin Hood”….or the classic “Gunga Din”…or “Lawrence of Arabia”…to name just a few others…or the British humor of Benny Hill or Peter Sellers…hmmm….it just might be that the attachment comes from a past life experience (If you believe in such concepts)!

In  any case…Yesterday, Friday October 5th was the 50th anniversary of the most successful franchise in the world of cinema: James Bond! Upon hearing this news I immediateley began searching and digging up all of my James Bond paperbacks that I had stashed away…and I also found a few awesome hardcovers of Ian Fleming’s books from the 1950’s that I had found and bought many years ago at a fleamarket …I will have to reread them!:) This was a great and historic day for British TV, film, music and media etc…as today also marks the 40th anniversary of the first episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus!

And if that’s not cool enough…Friday also was the 50th anniversary of the first Beatles single…”Love Me Do”!

What a great day!!:)lol One of my favorite movie series/books…favorite comedy troupes and of course one of my favorite and most influental musical heroes/bands all hit the scene…what an awesome time!

Who is your favorite James Bond?

Have an awesome  weekend everybody!:)






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