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Hi everybody,

Tonight’s dish is Capellini all’Aglio con Acciughe!

 Ah, it’s Friday…call me a traditionalist..or maybe just a good Italian Catholic boy:)lol…but that means a seafood dish for me:)…

so…I made some Capellini all’Aglio con Acciughe! (Angel Hair pasta w/ Garlic, Olive Oil & Capers,  melted anchovies, some black pepper, a few red pepper flakes and a sprinkle of Asiago cheese if you like). Or, Pasta con Alice(Aleechay) as we say in my house:)

You can also sprinkle some bread crumbs over the top if you’d like to finish the dish…

I have to say…I love this dish…and, it is a personal favorite of mine. I usually have this as one of the 7 fishes dishes on Christmas Eve…or on Fridays…but it is good any day of the week , any time of year. The anchovies and capers provide such an intense, salty flavor..Delizioso!

Some background…

Technically…Acciughe (singular ‘acciuga’) are anchovies…small fish preserved with salt and canned in olive oil…Another word for anchovies in Italian is Alice(Alici) (pronounced Ahleetchee) which refer to the fresh fish…but in my house growing up we just called this dish “pasta con alice”…or as my Grandfather would say “Basta con Aleetch) There are many dialects in Italy…depending on where you come from…there are many ways to say the same things..form town region to region, city to city or town to town…

Anchovies are integral to Mediterranean cuisines…In Italy, they are used extensively in many dishes such as Puttanesca sauce, Bagna Cauda, Pizza….and in so many sauces and recipes…for flavor and to add saltiness…you also find them in Worchestershire Sauce and Caesar Salad dressing….and it is available as a paste for cooking…

I will definitely have this recipe in my upcoming Cookbook! So stay tuned for a more detailed and thorough explanation of this classic, very simple Italian dish!

Wishing you all a great weekend! Buon fine settimana a tutti!




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