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Hi everybody, Hope you’re all enjoying an awesome weekend!

It’s been a tough week personally for me…yet through it all…such a great week in many ways, on so many levels when it comes to my music…

One of the things I really dig about this business and the whole “online” experience…is being able to connect with so many wonderful “like-minded” people from all walks of life around the world….I have been so lucky in this manner and feel blessed to have met so many of you whether it be online or in “real life”….

There are so many dedicated, supportive and selfless people out there that put there time, effort and energy into the listening and promoting and sharing their thoughts about the wide array of independant, self produced, financed and promoted, “unsigned” music available…

and…nothing helps us as an Indie artist more, besides buying our cds and merchandise…than the spreading the word about our music…

Please check out this new profile page for “Joe Gande” on the awesome World United Music!

A huge Thank You to Stewart Brennan for the support and for including me on his website!

Please visit the site, comment on my page and share and take a look around…there is so much to see and hear…music of all styles and genres for all tastes….


World United Music 1- http://worldunitedmusic.blogspot.com/

 World United Music 2 – http://worldunitedmusic.com/


A little about World United Music…


World United Music promotes Independent and Unsigned artists on two websites dedicated to bringing back variety and quality music to the music fans.

The websites are filled with Indie Artist and Band profiles, their music, videos, a radio show, video play lists, and additional features that include the golden age of Rock ‘n’ Roll

 Each month 12 new posts are added to a growing list of current and future stars that total 250 acts.

The goals of World United Music are very simple, we want to bring exposure to these artists so that they may pursue their craft while also offering music fans an alternative to the crappy commercial radio with an online website where they can find the best music of today and yesterday.

“Why am I doing this? I got tired of waiting for something to happen after hearing so many great tunes that were not on the radio airwaves. As a former DJ, I decided to do something about it.”





Where to Find World United Music and Connect:








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