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Where I come from, Friday Night has always been seafood night…

I know that to some it may be old hat and no one really sticks to this anymore these days…but, being a good Italian, Catholic boy I like to keep traditions and my heritage alive and well….

Plus, putting aside the old tradition and religious influence of fish on Fridays….what’s better than looking forward to a nice seafood meal once a week that is healthy and good for you?:)

This is my Shrimp Fra Diavolo…

Fra Diavolo means “Friar or brother devil” and is said to be an Southern Italian-American creation…a spicy sauce for pasta and shellfish made usually with either shrimp or lobster….although, some say(including my Father) that it comes from Naples and was passed down through generations….and it was made popular here in the US in NYC….whatever the case…it is delicious! You can adjust the “Heat” according to your taste….



Olive Oil


Red Pepper Flakes



Pinch of Oregano(not too much)

1 Teaspoon of lemon juice(not required)

1 can of San Marzano whole plum tomatoes(I prefer these..but any can of Crushed, puree or whole tomatoes is ok…whatever you like to use for your marinara sauce)

About a half a pound of raw unpeeled shrimp…. I like them shell on..gives much more flavor and the shrimp cook better…but you can use whatver shrimp you like or may have on hand…. 

A touch of  wine-white preferably…but red ok…just improvise:)

I will have the full recipe in my upcoming Cook Book…



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