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Last week’s Piadine w/ caramelized onions, spinach, mushrooms & gorgonzola cheese….My thoughts….Piadini…Piadine…Piadina….It’s all good:)

I had been watching The Food Network sometime last week as I often do when I happen to get a chance to catch it that is…and I heard mention of what they were calling Italian “Piadini” so many times….and I was hearing from various chefs how great they were and how delicious…and getting hungry!:)lol Being Italian…I was a bit surprised that I had never heard of them before…well…not really…in the sense of using the name “Piadini” that is…and I was curious…so I  said to myself..hmmm..”What is this thing they call Piadini?”!:)lol and “Why have I not had one yet?!” 🙂 lol….

 This is truly one of the wonders and beauty of Italy and it’s cuisine…it is never ending and creative and everyone has there own takes, versions, experiences and styles of food depending on where you might be from…always something new to discover and to learn….

I thought they looked and sounded pretty much like a type of pizza or “pizza like” variation to me….by listening to the various Chef’s descriptions and recipes…and seeing the results on their shows…some of them called them a “Tart” some a “Tartlet”…lol…and apparently they are all the rage now and Starbucks here in the US has even added their version to the menu!:)lol You ever notice how The Food network sometimes does this and gets on kicks and all the chef’s and their shows seem to be mentioning and or making similar things?

I love how things that are basically ancient, traditional,rustic, basic  family meals, turn into a marketing and “Hip” thing and start being exploited all over the place!lol It just cracks me up…it’s like this “Cucina Povero” expression you may hear being thrown around nowadays….That’s right…”Poor People’s Food” and how all the expensive restaurants and well known chefs are calling certain dishes that….and they are all now making and discussing what I simply was taught by my Father to call…”Italian Soul Food”…which are simple dishes born out of necessity….sometimes lack of money and of course what Italian’s do best and have been known for for thousands of years…improvising….and artistic creativity and sheer ingenuity and inventiveness…

I immediately had to look them up…first in a few books I have…and then online too….and found out that a “Piadini”…or more correctly Piadine(the true plural form) of a “Piadina”..is an Italian flat bread…somewhat “Pita Like” you might say…usually made with white flourlard or olive oil, salt and water…The dough was traditionally cooked on a terracotta dish, although nowadays flat pans or electric griddles are commonly used. Some are very thin and some are a little thicker and doughier…some may be served open-faced or cut in pieces or even filled and folded. They originally come from the Romagna region of Italy…and may be topped and or filled/served with all kinds of goodness..such as cheeses, various vegetables etc….or even with fruits and/or chocolate or evreryone’s favorite…Nutella…

As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts… I LOVE learning new things…especially when it comes to food and food origins…….so I decided to try my hand at making my own homemade Piadine… and this is the result…and although I am very happy to now know about them and found out the truth and have them in my life now…lol….it doesn’t matter what they are called or where they are from…they are so delicious…and I would definitely make them regularly now…and so should you!:)

Last week’s Piadine w/ caramelized onions, spinach, mushrooms & gorgonzola cheese….

Do you think I should add my version in my upcoming cookbook? 





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