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Some time back I was asked to do an Interview for the wonderful and talented UK writer/author, Maria Savva…It was a privilege and honor for me to be chosen to be a guest on her Goodreads blog….

It was posted last Sunday February 10th…. 

I don’t do this kind of thing often enough I suppose…though I have been asked…and alsohave been told many times to do so…

I loved doing the interview and answering Maria’s awesome questions….she’s the best…and I felt very at ease and comfortable answering…it was somewhat interesting & a bit therapeutic to even to myself!:)lol Well…kidding aside…let’s just say..it was fun, and made me think…think about a lot of things I don’t necessarily think about or dredge up that often…you know? Those that truly know me know that talking about me is not my forte really….lol….yeah I know what some of you may be thinking or saying to yourself..”Shy”?  You!?….Yes…I post on social media websites and know tons of people… and can get on stage and all that jazz…but I actually am very shy when it comes to certain things…and have been that way since childhood…what can I tell ya’? I elaborate a bit about this in the interview 🙂

We discussed a lot of cool topics..from music to Mannicotti!:) 

Please check out the full interview and leave your thought’s and comments on her blog here…would love to know what you think….I hope you enjoy it….


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Here’s a snippet of the interview….I hope you enjoy it….

Introducing Musician Joe Gande!

I’ve been lucky to discover lots of great independent musicians on the internet in the last few years. Today, I’m thrilled to be introducing you to Joe Gande, a very talented musician who has an excellent album, The Godsend Sessions. After listening to his album, I was keen to invite him here to discuss that and also his other projects. 





Welcome, Joe. First of all, congratulations on your album, The Godsend Sessions, I have enjoyed listening to the songs. It seems to be very blues influenced. Who were your musical influences when you were growing up?

Hi Maria, Thank you so much. So glad that you enjoyed listening to my music, and thank you for the opportunity to do this interview; and yes, I guess it is blues influenced in many ways.
Hmmm… let’s see… I had so many musical influences growing up. I guess I had many phases. It was an awesome time for music back then, and my father was a Jazz musician — a tenor saxophone man — and my mom sang, so I was very lucky to be surrounded by music and the arts. I heard and listened to everything in the house as a child, from Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Dean Martin, Jazz and Big Band, to John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, and Lester Young, and also Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Stevie Wonder… the list goes on! But as I got a bit older I remember listening to and loving my records from The Beatles, John Mayall, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Robin Trower, Bad Company, Deep Purple, Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, and probably one of my early favorites, Aerosmith! I even had a phase of The Jackson Five, Sly and the Family Stone, and a lot of old R&B and Soul music from listening to my big brother’s records at the time, before moving on to a lot of early progressive rock like Yes, Kansas, and early Journey. But with all that, my all time favorite music constant growing up has to be Lynyrd Skynyrd. Many have found that strange for some reason when I tell them that, but I was a huge Southern rock music fan and would play along with Freebird until my fingers bled!!:)

I love Freebird, too 🙂 You were lucky to grow up in such a musical household!

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