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My Friday night Shrimp Creole….

This is a wonderful, classic, hot and spicy New Orleans, Louisiana inspired dish with shrimp… onion, celery and bell pepper( referred to as the Holy Trinity ), hot peppers…and/or tabasco, cayenne….and served on rice…

 With my roots being in Southern italy…I LOVE hot & Spicy food…Calabria is well known for it’s chili peppers….so it’s in the DNA I guess…LOL

My grandfather used to fry his hot homegrown peppers on the weekend and we’d all have to leave the house because our eyes would be burning!:)lol

And though I’ve yet to visit…my knowledge of New Orleans, Louisiana, it’s cuisine and especially this dish, comes from my Father…and his many stories…and love for the people and food…he hitchhiked there as a young Jazz musician teenager and lived to tell about it!:)lol and he spent a lot of time in the Jazz scene there over the years…

Louisiana Creole cuisine is a style of cooking originating in Louisiana, US which blends French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Native American, and African influences…as well as general Southern Cuisine…

You can find out more info/background here if you’d like…


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Have a great weekend everyone!!