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I am very surprised, humbled and honored to be the proud recipient of an Official BETTY Award from the wonderful Author/Reviewer/Celebrity Interviewer/Blogger/Journalist Betty Dravis!

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 Thank you,
From Betty….
“Hi, dear Joe, Congratulations! YOU won a BETTY AWARD in the musical section. Check it out on my website and then share with all your friends. I will appreciate your Tweeting it from the site and leaving a comment, if you have time. Several of your fave entertainers received Bettys also. Best always, hon! Hugs – Betty”

“Joe, I don’t know you in person, but our personalities meshed and I have a great fondness for you. In addition to having fantastic stage presence you are musically gifted, my friend. You should hit the heights and soar… Hugs – Betty” 


Favorite Musician/Singer



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