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un buon bicchiere di Chianti questo pomeriggio qualcuno?  

 I took this pic today in honor of my wonderful friend, writer/author SK Waller who loves Chianti…and as it so happens…so do I…

I had just bought a few bottles the other day and had some with my lunch today- Spaghetti and Meatballs….and I was reminded that it’s her favorite wine from seeing a post she had made on Facebook…so I thought what the hell…do a blog post…

 I love many types of wine…and different Chianti but,  the one that comes in the straw basket, called a “fiasco” (flask) is always the one I remember seeing in the house growing up…it reminds me of my Grandfather…so I like it’s taste and it’s rustic look, the best…

I also want to quickly mention the table you see in the photo…it’s an antique…an ancient, hand made and hand carved part of an altar tabernacle from a church in Italy…it makes a great end table and book nook for those giant coffee table size books that do not fit in a bookshelf and no one knows what to do with! lol  As some of you know or may have read…I love “OLD”..and retro and vintage things…and history….My parents were into antiques..my Mom being an antique dealer and researcher/appraiser… so I guess have inherited the bug too 🙂

 And yes…to answer some of you that have asked on some social media posts of this photo…it is a basil plant 🙂 Nothin’ better than the taste and smell of fresh basil when cooking…though I do not have the greatest “green thumb”…I’m working on it…lol,  I try to always keep one alive! 🙂 lol 


 I hope you’re all having an awesome day!

 Buon Giovedi a tutti!!